Hatano & Iwasaki Lab. 2021 Member

  • 特任教授

    Amir Yacoby

  • 東京工業大学工学院
    (Harvard University)


  • 秘書

    小林 京子


I started violin after forties. Sometimes I play ensemble with friends. It is a lot of fun.

  • 秘書

    斎藤 あゆみ

  • Ayumi SAITO

Favorite things:Watching sports especially football I am continuing to run and swim at the gym.


  • 社会人D

    西谷 大祐

  • Daisuke NISHITANI


I like to exercise and play games. When the weather is nice, I go for a drive to refresh myself.

  • D2

    辻󠄀 赳行

  • Takeyuki TSUJI

The goal of the research is to produce high performance diamond film by the plasma CVD.

  • D1

    北川 涼太

  • Ryota KITAGAWA

I am researching a hybrid sensor based on a magnetostrictive material (a magnetic material that is sensitive to strain) and NV centers. I will do my best to produce high-impact results.

Plants in my house

  • D1

    汪 鵬

  • Peng WANG

Aiming at establishing quantum light sources for quantum network, the optical and spin properties of group-IV elements color center in diamond (SnV & PbV in particular) are researched. Single photon emitters with high luminous efficiency and long spin coherent time are expected.

Life doesn’t require ideals. It requires standards of action.” This is my favorate dialogue from Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, which gradually becomes my life creed.My hobbies are readings (mainly novels) and sightseeing.

  • D1

    梶山 健一

  • Kenichi KAJIYAMA

I am tackling elucidating the mechanism of diamond nucleation and improving the heteroepitaxial diamond synthetic process to increase the size and sensitivity.

  • M2

    藤崎 伊久哉

  • Ikuya FUJISAKI

I’m working on the research to increase the sensitivity of diamond quantum sensors by some quantum controls.

  • M2

    窪田 圭佑

  • Keisuke KUBOTA

I am researching a diamond NV sensor system for in-vehicle battery monitoring, and are working on miniaturizing the circuitry for the installation of magnetic sensors using NV centers in electric vehicles.

I am a person who likes to watch soccer and eat ramen.

  • M2

    重信 佑太


The Research of diamond NV sensor system for in-vehicle battery monitoring. Miniaturization and sensitivity improvement of diamond NV sensors for the electric vehicles.

I belonged to volleyball team. My hobbies are reading comics and eating around.

  • M2

    土屋 勢那


I am studying to improve the DC magnetic field sensitivity of NV centers in diamonds. I will do my best to achieve high results with the goal of measuring magnetoencephalography.

I’m from Mie. I like to watch movies. Since I started living alone, cooking has become a hobby of mine.

  • M2

    成田 泰之

  • Yasuyuki NARITA

My research focuses on the optical properties of SnV in diamond for quantum network. I will strive to advance the research in this field.

  • M2

    福田 浩平

  • Kohei FUKUDA

To improve the light extraction efficiency of diamond quantum light sources, we are studying the formation of high quality CVD films on substrates and surface processing.

I play games, watch cartoons, take naps, go for walks, and I’m at the mister donut once a week.

  • M1

    永田 俊典

  • Shunsuke NAGATA

I like music and drinking, and recently I’ve been into drinking craft beer at Kirin City. My dream is to build a basement in my house and set up a sound system.

  • M1

    荒木 裕太

  • Yuta ARAKI

  • M1

    池田 啓太

  • Keita IKEDA

  • B4

    佐藤 直人

  • Naoto SATO

  • M1

    武田 佳大

  • Keita TAKEDA

  • M1

    青木 優征

  • Yusei AOKI

  • M1

    大羽 一輝

  • Kazuki OBA

  • B4

    阿部 椋太郎

  • Ryotaro ABE

  • B4

    小林 良碧

  • Kazuki KOBAYASHI

  • B4

    中司 碧


  • B4

    吉村 厚美

  • Atsumi YOSHIMURA


  • 特任教授

    酒井 忠司

  • Tadashi SAKAI
    Specially Appointed Professor
  • 特任教授

    関口 直太

    Specially Appointed Assitant Professor
  • 研究員

    関口 武治

  • Takeharu SEKIGUCHI
  • 研究員

    波多野 雄治

  • Yuji HATANO
  • 研究員

    貝沼 雄太

  • Yuta KAINUMA