Hatano & Iwasaki Lab. 2023 Member

  • 教授・学長特別補佐

    波多野 睦子

  • Mutsuko HATANO
    Professor・Sinior Aide to the President
  • 特任教授

    Amir Yacoby

  • 東京工業大学工学院
    (Harvard University)

  • 特任教授

    酒井 忠司

  • Tadashi SAKAI
    Specially Appointed Professor
  • 特任教授

    関口 直太

    Specially Appointed Assitant Professor


  • 秘書

    小林 京子


I started violin after forties. Sometimes I play ensemble with friends. It is a lot of fun.

  • 秘書

    斎藤 あゆみ

  • Ayumi SAITO

Favorite things:Watching sports especially football I am continuing to run and swim at the gym.

Doctoral Students

  • 村松 秀和

  • Hidekazu Muramatsu

I’m aiming to develop a precision current measurement system applying diamond NV centers.

In recent weekends, I mainly enjoy playing soccer, watching movies, and visiting Japanese castles.

  • 北川 涼太

  • Ryota KITAGAWA

I am researching a hybrid sensor based on a magnetostrictive material (a magnetic material that is sensitive to strain) and NV centers. I will do my best to produce high-impact results.

Plants in my house

  • 汪 鵬

  • Peng WANG

Aiming at establishing quantum light sources for quantum network, the optical and spin properties of group-IV elements color center in diamond (SnV & PbV in particular) are researched. Single photon emitters with high luminous efficiency and long spin coherent time are expected.

Life doesn’t require ideals. It requires standards of action.” This is my favorate dialogue from Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, which gradually becomes my life creed.My hobbies are readings (mainly novels) and sightseeing.

  • 梶山 健一

  • Kenichi KAJIYAMA

I am tackling elucidating the mechanism of diamond nucleation and improving the heteroepitaxial diamond synthetic process to increase the size and sensitivity.

  • 藤崎 伊久哉

  • Ikuya FUJISAKI

I’m working on the research to increase the sensitivity of diamond quantum sensors by some quantum controls.

Master Students

  • 荒木 裕太

  • Yuta ARAKI

I’m working on the improvement of spin coherence time towards highly sensitive quantum sensing

I like the Beatles, Math rock and watching a baseball game

  • 池田 啓太

  • Keita IKEDA

I am working on stabilizing the luminescence of SnV in diamond for application to quantum networks. I would like to make an effort to contribute to the realization of quantum interference.

I’m the type of person who can’t stay home alone, so I go out to various places every week.

  • 佐藤 直人

  • Naoto SATO

  • 武田 佳大

  • Keita TAKEDA

  • 青木 優征

  • Yusei AOKI

  • 大羽 一輝

  • Kazuki OBA

I am evaluating the spin properties of group-IV elements color centers in diamond, which have excellent optical properties, for application to quantum networks. I will do my best to contribute to the advancement of our research field.

  • 池田 翔

  • Kakeru Ikeda

My research is measuring spin properties of the color centers of diamond and building these experimental systems.

I love to play the board games with friends.

  • 白山 雄斗

  • Yuto Shirayama

My research is construction of quantum interferometer using group-Ⅳ center toward application in quantum networks.

I always go looking for some books, and love to play electone and compose the music.

  • 城田 一樹

  • Kazuki Shirota

We are developing a diamond sensor for detecting magnetoencephalography in rats. The future goal is to observe human magnetoencephalography and magnetocardiography, which, if realized, will lead to early detection of diseases that are major causes of death, such as strokes.

I like subculture in general in a shallow and wide range. I am interested in many things, so please let me know your hobbies!

  • 中司 碧


I am researching the imaging of magnetic materials in MHz frequency using a diamond quantum sensor. I want to do my best.

My hobby is going camping with my dog. Someday I would like to visit an otter cafe and a capybara cafe.

  • 吉村 厚美

  • Atsumi YOSHIMURA

To realize a highly sensitive diamond quantum sensor that can measure magnetoencephalography, I am working on improvement in the light collection efficiency of fluorescence emitted from diamonds including NV centers.

I like reading, watching sports, and animals. The photo is of a dragon that I have on my desk in my laboratory.

  • 阿部 椋太郎

  • Ryotaro ABE

I am studying the spin properties of SnV and PbV in diamond for application to quantum networks. I will make an effort to contribute to the growth of spin coherence time.

I like to read, so I often visit bookstores. I was also a member of the track team in junior high and high school, so I sometimes go jogging.

  • 陳 溢暘


Currently researching the charge states of color centers based on heavy IV group elements in diamond, with a focus on stabilizing fluorescence and elucidating the mechanisms of charge dynamics.

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

  • 李 則含


Working toward longer decoherence time for electrons in NV centers in pursuit for better diamond sensor.

I like electronic construction, mainly making ergonomic keyboards and etc.

Undergraduate Students

  • ネオ ジー ゼン


Trying my best to create high sensitivity diamond sensors with plasma enhanced CVD.

Always craving for spicy food especially when I’m feeling stressed.

  • 北田 純大

  • Atsuhiro Kitada

Collaboration with Q-LEAP

  • 研究員

    関口 武治

  • Takeharu SEKIGUCHI
  • 研究員

    波多野 雄治

  • Yuji HATANO
  • 研究員

    貝沼 雄太

  • Yuta KAINUMA