Large-Area Diamond Growth

Heteroepitaxial growth

Diamond, a semiconductor which has great electrical properties, is expected as a promising material for the future devices such as high-sensitivity sensors, or low-loss power devices. However, the substrate sizes of artificially synthesized diamonds are limited up to 5mm square by conventional “High-Temperature and High-Pressure Method”, which may lead to the difficulty in development and practical use of the diamond devices.

To solve this problem, the synthesis of diamond thin films on a different kind of substrates, such as sillicon, are now attracting attentions as an alternative method. In our labratory, we are trying to synthesize diamond films of better quality by employing 3C-SiC buffer layer which has intermediate properties between diamond and sillicon and utilizing Antenna-Edge Microwave Plasma.

Photograph of the substrate
Fig. 1 Photograph of the substrate on growth
Our strategy for growth
Fig. 2 AE-MPCVD equipment and the structure of 3C-SiC/Si substrate
Our diamond on 3C-SiC/Si
Fig. 3 The diamond thin films synthesized on 3C-SiC/Si